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Zoe Carter

08 - Mar - 2014

Zoe Carter has been involved in the beauty and medical industry for over 15 years.


Eyebrow Treatments in Solihull & London


Semi Permanent Eyebrows in Birmingham

With eyebrows really being the "frame of the face" it's no wonder that this is always one of the most popular treatments for permanent cosmetics.

Very few people that can boast of naturally having the perfect eyebrows.

Over plucked, missing,thin or unsymmetrical eyebrows can throw the rest of the proportions of the face out ... and the daily task of drawing them in , hoping that they will not smudge and that you have picked a natural enough colour is now thankfully becoming old news!

According to preference Zoe offers two different eyebrow procedures:-

Hair by Hair Simulation-This procedure mimics the appearance of real hairs in the eyebrows. A very natural, realistic look, it is suitable for ladies and men of all ages who have either no, sparse or badly shaped brows. Colours are tailor matched to the individual and matched to their own hair colour and skin tones. An excellent look for those who do prefer the softer, more discreet look.

Colour Mist-This procedure is a more cosmetic alternative to the hair simulation technique, but equally as beautiful. A soft, powdery veil of colour is infused into the eyebrow area , again being perfectly matched to hair colour and skin tones but results in a more tailored look. A great choice for clients who like a slightly more prominent brow or shape . Gives a similar look to using a pencil but with a far better finish and precise finish.

Hair Simulation for Beard, Moustache, Eyebrow and Scalp

Permanent cosmetics can also be used to give the illusion of hair. It is an effective and realistic procedure to recreated individual hairs where there is none, or on missing or sparse areas. Popular areas to be treated are scarring/alopecia in eyebrows/moustaches and alopecia and bald spots on the scalp.

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